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How it works?

Allvor Pay is the payment gateway of Allvor ($ ALV), the first cryptocurrency dedicated to trade in goods and services really connected with the future.

What about Allvor?

How fast is it?

With Allvor Pay you can have transactions done in less than 6 seconds because its technology behind

Why is it free?

We use the most advanced blockchain technology to provide you a gateway without fees or charges. Your money is your money!

Do I have to switch my current pay method?

No! You can choose Allvor Pay as an additional payment method to achieve an even broad audience.

But is it safe?

The XRP Ledger technology behind Allvor is used by more than 40 financial institutions around the world. Allvor Pay bring the same security features to you. No middlemen. No chargebacks.

We are Allvor!

Nice to meet you! We are here to show you that every single piece of Allvor’s technology is made by humans.
Your shopping payment gateway on good hands.

Cleyton Domingues

Creator, Co-Founder and Independent Researcher

Syval Peres

Co-Founder and Developer

Leandro Gonçalves

Co-Founder and Developer

Renata Nunes

Marketing Director

Felipe Carriço

UX and Community Manager

Humberto Cagno


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